We at QPG Ltd. believe that logistics in today's globalised economy are no longer "just logistics". For many of the companies we represent, the quickest and most price efficient movement of their goods is a key part of an overall strategic route to market, and can make all the difference to their bottom lines.


What makes QPG Freights a better choice?


  • Align with our customers' needs.

  • It's important that we understand the needs of our customers and make their needs and interests our own. To do this, first we listen and then we advise.

  • Be worthy of our customers' trust.

  • Our people consider trust to be a mandatory requirement to the development and sustainability of any working relationship with each other as well as our customers.

  • We demonstrate our worthiness by being honest with customers, by being knowledgeable, being reliable and by being proactive.

  • Deliver competitive services, provide complete solutions.

  • We respect what they do for us and we work with them. We take their needs as seriously as those of our customers and work hard to assist them in meeting their targets.

  • Having strong, positive and progressive partnerships with our carriers allows us the access to market that we need to ensure our customers benefit from not only competitive services but by having a depth of choice when it comes to carriers.


Sea Freights:


We are a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC).

While other providers tie themselves to specific ocean carriers, at QPG we balance our network and leverage our hard won & valued relationships to provide you with the most flexible ocean options in the industry.


We also provide you with a variety of options for your sea freight such as:

  • Cargo insurance options for additional peace of mind.

  • Clearance Services, as well as consolidation and more.



Land Freights:


Fast And Flexible Global land delivery Service

We will create a solution that precisely fits your supply or distribution chain requirements, one that includes vendor and supplier management services.

Our strict standard operating procedures will help ensure that your expectations are met.



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